Why have a custom logo design stethoscope?

Many businesses put there company logo on scrubs and a few of those reasons include identifing the employee and advertising.

  • Brand Visibility

  • Employee Rewards

  • Promotional Giveaways

  • Schools

  • Alumni or Donor Recognition

Brand reinforcement validated in a study makes good business sense.

Read: ASI Global Study 2016: Promo Products More Memorable and Popular.

  • 82% remembered the advertiser on the item they owned

The healthcare safety promotional items referred to in the ASI Global Study are low cost items Imagine the higher impact a custom logo stethoscope design by GRx Medical would have.

For more information regarding your medical group purchase, marketing, sales incentive, promotional or designated stethoscope needs, please download our promotional spec sheet and contact us or call 800-677-2673.

Your business can get additional advertising by putting your logo on a high quality stethoscope your employees can use every day, it's hard to put a price on such great advertising. You can have a high quality custom logo stethoscope designed and manufactured by GRx Medical at a very reasonable price.

All we need to manufacture your custom logo design stethoscope:

  • High resolution picture of your logo.

  • Choose (with the help from a GRx Medical representative) the type of stethoscope.


Printable Surface


Adult - 1.50”

Pediatric - 1.22


Blood Pressure Cuffs


Bandage Shears

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