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Blood Pressure Cuff

(Aneroid Sphygmomanometer)

Model: BP-01

Model: BP-01


Accessories: Zippered carrying case

Weight: 7.8oz and overall length of 27"

Cuff Range: 10"-16"*

Warranty: 2 Year

*Range refers to the arm circumference that the cuff is designed to operate on.

  BLACK          NAVY           ROYAL

 HOT PINK       PURPLE      

  • Nylon cuff with index and range markings  

  • Gauge holder

  • Artery indicator label

  • Precision calibrated black enamel 300mmHg manometer

  • Chrome-plated air release valve

  • Latex-Free inflation bladder and bulb 

  • Includes zippered carrying case

  • 5 Color Choices

Retail Price $39.95

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